Bandar Q Most Fun Card Games
Let’s play the game of bandar q, the most exciting card games and feel the sensation to become a bandar. Good news for all the fans and lovers of card game in Asia, especially in Indonesia. Now there are card games were very exciting and fun to play that card game bandar q.

Bandar Q Most Fun Card Games

Bandar Q game is a game where you can become an bandar or dealer and of course this is very exciting and fun is it?

With the thrill and excitement into Bandar, you can get a much bigger win or the possibility of winning more than just a player.

In the game bandar q, is played by using one set of dominoes totaling 28 cards and played by several players in one table, the maximum is 8 people and from the 8 people that there will be one person who acts or status as Bandar.

To become an bandar in the bandar q game is, of course, the necessary terms and conditions to be met by friends who want to play. In the bandar q game, all of which play has a chance to become a bandar so long as they meet the terms and conditions set and enforced by roving system or turns in each round.

As an example :
In this game there will be bandar q lobby where you can choose which table you want to play and of course there are varying minimum and maximum bet / bet.

If you choose to play at a table with a minimum of 100,000 then in this table for the minimum bet / bet was 100,000 and a maximum of 500,000. Well to become a BANDAR Q then you must have a 10x chip of maximum betnya namely 5,000,000.

How to play, please see the below pictures :

Bandar Q Rules-1

Bandar Q Rules-2