Play Game Be A Dealer in Bandar Poker Games – For you are a fan or hobbyist who play card games, there is now a city game online poker exciting and fun to play. Card games that use one set of playing cards totaling 52 cards without the joker card.

This poker game in fact the city has long since past, present friends are all able to enjoy and play the card game of poker is online bookie with an internet connection that supports and smoothly. Can be played through a computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet friends everything.

For the procedure of online poker card game is the same city as the game texas online poker in general, the difference is only in this game there will be a player who became a city, so called city poker.

In the game of poker this city, to note a few rules that must be understood and studied before friends join play. In the game of online poker this city all the players have the opportunity to become a BANDAR POKER ONLINE if it has a chip that has been determined at each table.

While in the game lobby, friends can choose in accordance with the wishes which wants to join the play. If you want to become Bandar Poker on this game then choose according to the budget.

For the example is:
At stake tables with a minimum bet of 5000, then the maximum is 25,000, in order to be BANDAR POKER it must have a chip of 7x higher than the maximum value of the stakes, namely 175,000.

Bandar Poker Online picture view :

Be A Dealer in Bandar Poker Games Online

Bandar online poker can be played by several people at one table and the maximum is eight players and there will be one person who became BANDAR and enforced by roving system alternately for each player who has a chip that has been set on the table to become a city.

In the game of online poker’s city friends can also get and achieve enormous jackpot for the lucky ones. Here below is the explanation for the jackpot that friends can enjoy.

To get the jackpot, you need mencontreng haya existing columns provided before the game starts.

Bug column by checking in Jackpot (1000) by one cent only, for those who are lucky to get a big jackpot.

If Bandar and players get the same level of card eg 2 pair with the same pair, it will draw / draw and members will get paid double if you get a card Royal Flush.