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Play Adu Q or Adu 9 by Domino Card – Well, now mimin will discuss that in which includes games of dominoes that only uses two dominoes to complain value / number with another player.

Play Adu Q or Adu 9 by Domino Card

Adu Q or Adu 9 is a traditional game that was once played as ground coffee or offline, in addition to the game of dominoes qq / 99 dominoes, game adu q / adu 9 is also very commonly played and liked by all fans of dominoes.

This game is almost similar to the domino game 99 kiu kiu as usual, but in the game or adu q or adu 9 is only using 2 dominoes instead of using four cards as the game.

In this game, in the first table is usually played by several players and a maximum of 8 players are players.

When going to play, each player must bet first and then each player will be dealt 2 dominoes. After that will be given as long as 10 seconds to memirit card obtained respectively. After that the cards will be opened and will be pitted value / figures obtained between each player. The player with the value / the highest number that will be the winner.

If there is a player that has a value / figures are the same then to determine who the winner is by looking at the magnitude of custody of the card.

Hopefully this brief article about play adu q or adu 9 by domino card mimin can provide benefits to all fans and lovers of the card. See you at the next article ..