Hello how are all friends lovers and fans of card games online all of them ?? Certainly both well, so new we could get to this site.. Okay, in this article, we will try to explain about 99 dominoes games online or also called qiu qiu / kiu kiu. Of course, for all the friends who like to be a game using dominoes is of course already know about this game, so for all my friends who still do not know about this game yuk soon be listened to, yesIn this article, I just want to share about the way to play domino 99 kiu kiu online games, the games that very fun and easy to play for everyone.  Okay, let’s be listened to guys …. 🙂

In dominoes card there are 28 number cards, where each card has a different value.These games can be played from 2 to 6 players.

The Way To Play Domino 99 Kiu Kiu Online Games

– Each player will be dealt 4 cards.

– From 4 cards obtained, the players have to combine 4 of the card into two pairs of values.

For example:

– Value card views of two cards which we combine and summed by taking the last digit, if the sum card is more than 10 or more than  20, then the value is taken to be behind it.

For example:

– Each player will be dealt 3 cards and the player is given a chance first 2 times to bet or raise the stakes.

– The first opportunity is when the cards are dealt three pieces, each player may bet or else raise the bet to take the card to 4, if one  of the players did not follow bet proposed another player, then the player is not entitled to take the card to 4 and in declared lost.

– A second chance, which is when each player has to get cards 4 or the last card, the betting is done to determine the winner.

– The winner of this game can be seen from the combination of two pairs of cards of the highest.

For example:

– If in this game ended with a draw / draw, victory is determined by the highest custody complained that belongs to each player, if there is no custody  of the players, it is determined by the player who has the highest spheres which is owned players.

For example:

– In the game of dominoes kiu-kiu / domino qq, there are four kinds of the highest value card or called  Card Special .

  • Card is the Card Specials 1 to 6 Dewa : The value of the highest card in a game of dominoes kiu-kiu ( due by 28 dominoes, only have 4 cards the rounded 6 for 4 cards in the can the rounded each numbered 6 ).
  • Card is the Card Specials 2 to 4 Balak : Is 4 cards in all players have Balak.
  • Card Deals to 3 is the Great Pure Card : namely: 4 cards a player whose total number amounted to at least 40 the rounded circle.
  • Card is the last Special Small Pure Card : namely: 4 cards a player the rounded overall amount of not more than 9 dots.

Please look at the picture below:

How is it friends ??

Hopefully guidance on how to play the game online can provide benefits well …

Congratulations to play and good luck 🙂